"An Exciting and Educational Adventure!"

Zoo Rules

We like to keep a clean and respectful zoo! Please read below the following rules so we can achieve that! Please ensure to view our Covid-19 Health and Safety Regulations on our "Safety" tab.

  • We are a smoke and nut free facility.
  • Please respect the animals, staff, and your fellow zoo guests. Harassment of the animals, staff, or guests will be grounds for immediate removal from the premises.
  • Do not stand on, lean over or go behind protective fencing in front of enclosures and exhibits.
  • No outside food to be brought in to feed the animals due to dietary and contamination reasons.
  • Keep to the main trails.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • For the safety of our animals, Elmvale Jungle Zoo does not allow the entrance of plastic bags, or ziplock snack/lunch bags under any circumstances.
  • Elmvale Jungle Zoo works hard to achieve a safe, fun and enjoyable environment for our guests and animals.

Ensure you leave your pets at home and not in your vehicle contact us regarding our Working Service Animal Policy at 705-322-1112 or info@elmvalejunglezoo.com.

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